Working from home or Home based Business?

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With the close of businesses over the past few years, working for self is grown to a strong way of life. Understanding the many options for home based employment is important. There are so many scams and hustles that only provide the originator with a solid and vast income stream. The person on the low end of the pyramid does not stand much of a chance getting ahead.

It is so important to gain an understanding of the terms and how they may be used interchangeably.

Just a short and quick insight to the difference between home-based businesses and working from home. The terms are not interchangeable and yet they are. A bit of a paradox.

When you operate a home based business you are working from and in your home. The difference depends on the choice of business. Developing a business that serves moms, like childcare or laundry service, can be operated in your home. Or you can set up a home business office and go out to see clients.

Home based businesses include network/multilevel marketing, clerical services, medical transcriptionists/billers, virtual office and personal assistants, there is no end to the titles and types. Most home based business requires some training and a monetary investment. There are those who pay very well per hour, per sale, per project. The options are about as unlimited as the type of home-based business opportunities.

Working from home means that no matter what you do, telecommuting or operating your own business, you have a home office. Again you may operate any number of businesses. Mostly working at home entails finding a job, like customer service, writing, web designing, etc. This usually means that the company hires you as an employee to work from your home and they pay you an hourly wage. Benefits are not usually included, sometimes the equipment is, but not always. In some cases you may be required to commute to an office or the client’s home once a week to meet, review and deliver your work.

Making a decision about which option you would like to pursue includes deciding on whether or not you have what it takes to do the job you are interested in. Are you comfortable with sales? Making cold calls? Answering phones and helping someone fix their computer? Can you handle the complaints and discontented customers for the company you hire on with? Do you have what it takes to sit on the phone or at a computer all day?

Research the options, take a serious look at your home, ask yourself the important questions. How much money do you need to earn, would like to earn? These are different totals. Can you sit at home all day, nearly every day? Do you need to shuffle between being a parent, caretaker, guardian, or partner and work? What type of schedule are you willing or desire to set for yourself? Actually some jobs require a set schedule so in this case know if it something you can stick with.

I worked as an English tutor for Chinese students who lived in China. Nearly every day I had to get up by 3 or 4 a.m. to be ready to take the first call at 5 a.m. which was about 8 p.m in China. (give or take a few minutes.) I did not mind the hours, but the pay was less than minimum wage p/hr in this country, yet it was a fortune to someone in China. I enjoyed it, but the early morning hours and low pay eventually wore me down.

There are business opportunities and job offers for those who are retired, full time students, or disabled. Search and read, get to know the small print for any organization you are considering doing business with.

Make a list of questions based upon what is important to you. Set aside the financial desperation, this is not the most important aspect to working from home or building a home-based business. When financial desperation gets in the way mistakes are made and money is wasted. So know everything you need about you and the options available.

Do not pay for the right to work, ever. There are those companies that offer you freelance work if you pay just $39.95, but wait that is not all. These offers suck, and you cannot always get your money back. They are designed to make those who own the organization rich. NEVER PAY TO WORK.

Again, set your desperation to the side. Be smart, read, and become informed. Then you can make a decision that is best for you and yours. Give it 90 days. Set a schedule, follow through. Keep learning, asking questions, keeping notes. A work journal will help you to keep track of everything you do in a day.

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