Working from Home? Or Want to?

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It is not hard to begin working from home. The step is simple, use Nike’s slogan: Just Do It. It is simple, not exactly easy. I set my reminder here once again: Simple and Easy are not synonymous. 🙂

Searching for legitimate organizations to work for is not an easy task, especially if you do not know what keywords to use. Then you have to sort through the rumble and mess. I have come across many so called “get it now, earn it big” type structures. BE WARY: You do not have to pay to work from home or to find legitimate work. I will repeat this for you: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO WORK FROM HOME. Ever.

Following is a list of employment opportunities. You will need a resume, some ask for past work samples.

Ubiqus has several work from home positions available to those who qualify and do not mind working the regular work type hours.

Go here to read more. is looking for writers who specialize in certain topics. Click here to learn more.

Clark for Communications, Inc. has openings for independent contractors. This link will provide you with the information. is in need of a social media person. Click here for the full scoop.

The companies listed are legitimate, no fee, employment opportunities for those who seek to work from their home, full time or part time. You are an independent contractor and are responsible for your own taxes and expenses. Some position require equipment and software specific to their organization. Always ask if they will provide it or at least help to offset the cost. Especially if it is unique to them.

Best wishes in your search and stay tuned. There is more to come as I travel the cyber paths to income.

Happy New Year.