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Today’s review concerns continuing education courses. With a full time job you may think it is impossible for you to continue your education and stay on top of the latest changes in your field. Think again.

Attending class on line is the best way to update your skills. Most classes are one night a week, assignments with reading, perhaps write a paper. Something that can be completed in the evenings and a couple of hours on the weekend.

There are many professions that now expect you to continue your education. CE (continuing education) units are easily obtained by attending workshops, a short course, and in some cases reading an article with a short quiz after. Many require recertification, which means taking a couple classes and attending a two to three hour test session.

360Training offers workforce training for those who are in need or simple choose to continue their education. They offer the largest selection of e-Training than any other on line educational service. Here is a list of a few of the industries:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Media Career Training
  • Medical & Fitness
  • Information Technology

For the career seeker, the courses offered will get you started toward that new career or further the one you are in. For more information and to check availablity in your industry, click here.

Are you a teacher, professor, or do you want to be? Publish your curriculum with 360Training. Author your courses and build your classes. Follow this link:
360training – World’s Largest Workforce e-Training and Learning Management Solution Provider