Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.
Virtual Assistant offering services to the small and home based business.

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Guest Bloggers welcome. Promote your writing or your client’s product or service. These are the guidelines to contributing to Office Wife’s Blog.

  • I ask all guest bloggers to register. I will change your profile to contributor. This cuts down the time I have to put in publishing your article.
  • When registering do not make your user name match your name. Hackers find ways to use your user id to hack sites.
  • Create a secure password, make it obscure, alpha, numeric, and characters. The longer the better.
  • Author bios should be direct and to the point. If you are writing as a professional and seeking to increase your income, your bio should reflect your accomplishments. If you have a webpage include the link. Do not forget to include a way for a potential clients to contact you.
  • Article topics must be relevant to small and home based business owners. Including but not limited to those who work from home in any capacity, freelancers, independent contractors, telecommuters, and virtual office assistants, etc.
  • The article will be free of misspellings and grammar errors.   I like Grammarly or Hemingway to help with sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and the flow of the article.
  • All articles will remain free of blatant advertisements. Affiliate links are acceptable when included as part of the product review.
  • All links will use the following code: target=”_blank” to open the link in a new tab or window.   WordPress will add the “NoFollow” to the link automatically.
  • Use the All in One SEO Pack installed, to add search-ability for your article. It is easy to use.
  • I reserve the right to refuse, edit, or request changes to all articles submitted. The same for links included in your articles.
  • You retain authorship to your articles. You may delete, edit, and change your articles at anytime.
  • You may also add pictures to your articles. Including the feature picture. Be sure to fill in the details, title, description, alt info. These all count for search engines.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a business focused site.  I appreciate it.  I work hard to keep my site off the blacklists and from being blocked.  Your articles should comply with that effort.  If they do not I will offer you the opportunity to rewrite them.  If not, they will be removed or you can remove them yourselves.

These guidelines are subject to change as the need arises. Be sure to check back and watch your email for updates from me. I promise your profile, email are secure. I do not provide to anyone for any purpose.

You will receive an email from on occasion with updates and information relevant to your participation as a guest blogger on my site.

Questions or concerns, please contact me to discuss.

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