What does an Office Coordinator Do?

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The office coordinator has a variety of duties. One important duty is answering to executives and second level management. Other titles may include secretary, office assistant and administrative assistant. The job title will vary according to the industry, but the basic job description remains the same. As noted in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Office Coordinators are often the front line person, greeting clients.

Office Coordinator Administrative Duties

Duties may vary according to the organization. The office coordinator is the front line for many organizations.

Tasks can include the following:

  • Greet clients and direct to the appointed office
  • Create/maintain databases
  • Type memos, correspondence
  • Compile data and create reports
  • Schedule appointments, travel arrangements
  • Answer phones, take messages, route calls
  • Answer inquiries

Technology Considerations

The technology used will depend on the industry. Computer skills are always necessary. Knowledge of various technology including copiers, fax machines, computers, and printers is essential.

Important software skills:

  • Word Processors: Word, WordPerfect, Pages
  • Spreadsheets: Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets
  • DataBase: Azure, Oracle, Access
  • Desktop Publishing: Publisher, InDesign, CorelDraw
  • Operating system maintenance can be key as well
  • Telephone Systems
  • Conferencing Software

Administrative Task: Supply Records

Another responsibility is taking a regular supply inventory. Placing orders as required and ensuring ample stock. Where possible maintaining budget and reducing expenses. In many organizations the office coordinator is responsible for issuing and providing supplies.


No matter the title, administrative duties in many organizations remain the same. Each company will have their way of operating and maintaining order within their offices. An administrator is important to the core of any organization.

Salaries vary, according to experience, education, and a desire to learn. The decision to become an office administrator is generally based upon income, benefits, and office culture.

As an office administrator you will be the face of the company. Greeting, organizing, coordinating and providing for the senior staff. Good training and desire to continue to learn and grow in efficiency and skill sets will build a strong career.


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